Thursday, November 7, 2013

November Style Ideas

Tuesday Ten: November Style Ideas
1. Pair a prim dress with tights.
Tuesday Ten: November Style Ideas
2. Sport gray on gray workwear.
Tuesday Ten: November Style Ideas
3. Wear plaid on plaid.
Tuesday Ten: November Style Ideas
4. Pop of color coat.
Tuesday Ten: November Style Ideas
5. Pull out your patterned jeans and leather.
Tuesday Ten: November Style Ideas
6. Nail down neutral color blocking.
Tuesday Ten: November Style Ideas
7. Sport a cozy fall hat on off-duty days.
Tuesday Ten: November Style Ideas
8. Wear a bohemian dress with your favorite peacoat.
Tuesday Ten: November Style Ideas
9. Chambray and stripes.
Tuesday Ten: November Style Ideas
10. Layer like crazy.

حفل مترف على متن أحد اليخوت في دبي

استضافت علامة “بوجي ميلانو – Boggi Milano ” التجارية للملابس الرجالية الإيطالية، مؤخراً، أمسية فاخرة لأبرز عملاء دبي. هذا الحدث الفاخر أقيم على يخت أنيق في دبي مارينا، وبحضور سفير إيطاليا لدى دولة الإمارات بين العديد من الضيوف البارزين ورعاة هذه العلامة التجارية المقيمين في دولة الإمارات.

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A New Prada Store In Naples, Italy

Prada Napoli_Via Filangieri ext
Prada Napoli_Via Filangieri int 1
Milano, Italy, October 18, 2013 – Prada opens a new store in Naples inside a beautiful old palazzo in Via Filangieri.
The store occupies a total surface area of 760 square metres on three floors, offering the women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, leather goods, accessories and footwear collections.
The intervention, curated by architect Roberto
Baciocchi, served to enlarge and modernize the space with due respect for the building’s original architecture.
The façade features an entrance and three display windows framed in Marquina black marble and it is decorated with polished-steel and coloured-fabric fixed canopies.
The ground floor houses the women’s leather goods, accessories and footwear collections. This pace is organized in a sequence of rooms decorated with the elements that define Prada’s worldwide image, such as black and white chequered marble flooring, walls lined with green canvas, and steel and glass display cabinets set on veined black marble bases.
The two rooms dedicated to leather goods lead to an area of black marble-cladded walls featuring the accessories collection, then on to the women’s footwear section.
This space features a new interpretation of the ‘classic Prada display niche’: a volume cut out of the green canvas-lined walls.
A black marble staircase leads to the first floor. Here, walls are decorated with a sequence of steel rods cutting into the panels of green canvas and mirrors.
On the first floor, narrow skylights create plays of light which reflect on the modern furnishings made of thin panels of Perspex and glass, enhancing the womenswear collection hosted in this warm, intimate ambience.
This room leads to the men’s section. The accessories and travel collections are displayed in the first area decorated with a black Marquina marble floor. In the second room, dedicated to menswear, the ebony chosen for the walls and floor defines the setting’s masculine character. Polished-steel display cabinets and russet ostrich-leather sofas enhance the more intimate, secluded space reserved for men’s footwear.
Prada Napoli_Via Filangieri int 2
Prada Napoli_Via Filangieri int 3
Prada Napoli_Via Filangieri int 4
Prada Napoli_Via Filangieri int 5

معرض دبي الدولي للسيارات 2013

انطلق يوم أمس الثلاثاء معرض دبي الدولي للسيارات، فكان على عادته جامعًا أحدث تصاميم السيارات من العالم ليعرض بعضها للمرة الأولى في المنطقة.

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