Friday, December 16, 2011

National Day in Bahrain

To mark the nationhood of a country, a particular day is earmarked. This day is celebrated throughout the country as the 'National Day'. National day is usually a holiday in the respective nation. The national day of a state or territory is often the commemoration of achieving independence. Though most countries have a single national day, some have more than one. National Day in Bahrain is celebrated on the 16th of December.
Bahrain got its independence on the 16th of December, 1971. For a long time the country was under British imperialism. This day in the year of 1971 saw Bahrain emerge as an independent nation. This happy event is celebrated widely every year as the National Day in Bahrain. Initially the national day was celebrated on the 16th of December alone but now it is being celebrated on two consecutive days. The 16th and the 17th of December see people go on a celebration mode across the country. National day has been extended to a two day holiday since 1999. This change is courtesy his majesty King Hamad. The National Day in Bahrain is one of the most widely celebrated events.

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