Sunday, August 11, 2013

Get ’Em Now! Maybelline Great Lash Colored Mascaras

Everyone loves a good mascara, especially when it’s affordable—and from Maybelline. Maybelline’s Great Lash line has long been a favorite among everyone from makeup pros to regular ’ol beauty devotees. And every spring or summer since 2011, Maybelline has released a limited edition collection of colored versions of Great Lash to complement the basic blacks and browns. For the month of August only, you can scoop up limited-edition tubes of Great Lash in six on-trend shades: Green with Envy, I See Blue, So Very Berry, Teal Appeal, Vision in Violet, and Wink of Pink.
There are plenty of colored mascaras to choose from, but what differentiates these from the rest are the seriously striking colors. I wouldn’t expect anything else from a mascara that has been around for 42 years (Great Lash first appeared on shelves in 1971). And: they’re $6 apiece. So there’s no need to feel guilty about buying some, and by some, I mean all. Maybe even multiple quantities. Run out now before you miss them!

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