Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Prada “Crystals” Windows for The Holidays 2012

Prada 'Crystals' windows 2012_mens_2
Prada 'Crystals' windows 2012_womens_1
Prada 'Crystals' windows 2012_womens_2
Prada 'Crystals' windows 2012_mens_1
Prada 'Crystals' windows 2012_mens_2(1)
Prada 'Crystals' windows 2012_view
Prada 'Crystals' windows 2012_womens_3
The Prada “Crystals” windows feature a succession of dreamy and basic interiors. The various elements reinterpret classic Christmas themes in a contemporary context, which is an expression of modern and refined luxury.
The lights and the colour white, both symbols of Christmas, characterise the installations’ design. The atmosphere created by the backdrop in crystal is evocative of timeless elegance and enhanced by different levels of lighting of a mirrored honeycomb structure, which overlaps with thick panels that recall rock crystals.
Surreal interiors stand out with seats covered in ivory carpet. They are of unusual heights and sizes and sensual, yet extremely minimal forms.
An intimate and exclusive setting, ideal for highlighting products and clothing of the 2013 Resort collection.

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