Monday, May 20, 2013

غرف فندق الريجنسي الكويت

The Regency Kuwait … A prestigious hotel in Kuwait located in Bidaa’ on the beautiful sea side of Kuwait, and number one hotel according to trip advisor!
We at iLSul6ana had the pleasure to spend two nights at the Regency and got the chance to experience the hospitality and service provided by the Regency. We will be featuring two posts about the hotel restaurant, the hotel facilities and the rooms. In the post below we will share with you the first part of our experience , starting with the ROOMS …
“The Diplomatic suite” is the name of the suite we spent our special 2 nights in, a luxurious room, with its classic look & feel in furniture and decor. Also, when we speak about a hotel, the bed is the thing to focus on, and seriously the bed is comfortable , with a the classic bed sheets and covers that makes a night worth dreaming :p What really attracted us is “the bed time story” offered from the hotel every night, a letter on the bed , where you will enjoy reading Old stories about Kuwait and the regions history!
Definitely THE REGENCY hotel is the place of luxury and classic feel to spend a mini vacation there :)
Will leave you now to enjoy some of the rooms pics, and wait for another posts where we will be sharing the rest of our review experience ….


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