Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gym Conscious

1. Don't assume the negative
I have come to learn that those who judge, judge themselves. Never assume that people are thinking ill thoughts about you or your body. If they are, it is only because they hold insecurity about themselves. Actually, it could be likely that they are admiring something about you and using it as inspiration for their own body. Whatever it may be, try not to let the looks consume you and use it as fuel to work harder at the gym.
2. Try a class
Classes are a great way to burn tons of calories and get in and out of the gym fast. Group classes create a great atmosphere for peer motivation as well. Your peers are probably too consumed with how hard the class is to notice what you are doing. If you feel the class is too hard, take a break and join back in. Know you will get stronger over time. In the long run, you may never see any of these people again, so who cares if you’re the person that took that minute break.
3. Ask for help
If you don’t know how to use a machine, please ask one of the trainers at the gym for help. Take this opportunity to become your own expert so that you can prevent injury and work the muscles effectively.
4. What to wear
Honestly, other than street clothes and heels, wear whatever you want. Form fitting black stretch material is the most flattering and if you are working with a trainer, it is easier for the trainer to see your form if you’re not swimming in your clothes. But wear what makes you feel comfortable. Your focus should be on the workout and how the workout makes you feel, not on how you look.
4. Give yourself a goal
Promise yourself to go to the gym twice a week no matter what. After your second or third week, you won’t care what anybody thinks. You will start to see the results, feel better, and learn to love the gym that helped you reach your goal.

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