Thursday, October 27, 2011

Snooze in Style

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We all know how important our beauty rest is. But getting the full eight hours can be impossible if your bedroom is too bright. Windows, the TV, even cell phones will stimulate your brain, not relax it. And while they can look a little silly, eye masks are a great solution for creating the ideal dark and calming environment you need. So embrace their health benefits and snag a playful style that fits your personality.

1 Etsy Personalize Silk Eye Mask

Make a statement! From your name to a funny expression, eye masks can be the perfect way to joke about your need for an undisturbed nap. We like the girlie color and positive message of this Etsy personalized silk eye mask.

2 Mary Green Breakfast at Tiffany's Eye Mask

Audrey Hepburn wore perhaps the most famous eye mask in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The bright teal shade and gold glitter lashes give it the ultimate diva effect. Re-create your own Holly Golightly look with Mary Green’s replica of the glamorous mask.

3 Natura Organic Sleep Mask

Like to keep your fashion green? Natura Organic Sleep Mask is made with certified organic cotton and eco wool. The snug and soft accessory even comes in two nature-inspired prints.

4 Lights Out Sleep Mask

Worried that your pricey party lashes or lash extensions will get smushed? Opt for the Lights Out Sleep Mask. The molded shape is specially designed to allow rapid eye moment while still blocking out the outside world.

5 Little Honey's Sleep Mask

For on-the-go gals, Little Honey’s pink houndstooth design is perfect for jet-setting. The soft polyester fabric contains a washable quick-drying foam and the preppy color is easy to spot and snag out of your carry-on.


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