Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's Your Season?

Today, there are infinite ways to choose makeup colors for your complexion, but do you remember when finding your ideal color palette was a matter of the seasons? The Color Me Beautiful makeup-by-seasons approach to beauty matched each complexion with a color palette based on a time of the year. Were you a pastel spring, a bronzed summer, a rich autumn, or a dramatic winter? This color-matching system flourished in the '80s and '90s, but our idea of seasonal beauty traces back to global mythology. And while we're not fans of most beauty rules (you really can wear any color if you want), it's fun to think about the mythological goddesses who inspired our modern-day notion of colors and seasons. Which season and goddess do you most resemble?
Like Flora, the Roman goddess of the spring, your peaches-and-cream coloring is reminiscent of a garden in bloom. Pastel shades of lavender, rose, and sage suit your fair coloring.
painting courtesy of Louise Abbéma, 1913
To celebrate the season of vitality, the summer color palette is bright and energetic. The Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu represents this abundance well, radiating warm light from the sky. Beauties with warm, tanned complexions and light-colored hair can pull off the sea and sky tones of the season.

Rich and warm describes the autumnal color palette to a tee. You probably have medium-tan skin and expressive coppery-brown eyes. Think of Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest. Her long brown locks complement the golden undertones of her out-in-the-fields skin.
image courtesy of
The strongest of the bunch, a winter palette comprises deep, bright hues. It's best-suited for Beauties with contrasting features (dark hair and fair skin, and vice versa). The dramatic palette of Scandinavian winter goddess Skadi captures the look when paired with saturated jewel tones.
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