Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to Remove Halloween Makeup

Worried that fake blood might not come off? Fear not! Halloween is a time to get creative, playful, and even downright filthy without being concerned about stubborn residue. We asked Sons of Anarchy makeup artist Tracey Anderson to share easy tricks for erasing the holiday’s DIY special effects. So go ahead, cake it on!
1. Faux Blood
Slather on a layer of shaving cream to remove dried faux blood quickly,” says Tracey. Rub thoroughly and rinse in the shower. Still left with a pink tint? “Before applying anything to the skin, prep the surface with Derma Shield,” Tracey suggest. “The foam will prevent dye from seeping into your skin.”
2. Face Paint
“Products containing a lot of oil will break down makeup and paint quickly without damaging the skin,” says Tracey. “Look for a face wash containing isopropyl myristate, which is a synthetic oil and will get rid of heavy makeup.” For sensitive skin, Tracey suggests trying classic baby oil, which will take longer to dissolve face paint but is a lot gentler on your complexion.
3. Fake Tattoos and Body Pieces
When it comes to larger areas on the body, Tracey suggests getting hands-on, literally. “Using a set of scrub gloves is key,” she says. “It helps with fake tattoos a lot!” For other glues, Tracey warns against trying to peel them off. “It is dangerous to yank adhesives of any kind without first applying an oil,” she explains. “If you don’t have oil, some nail polish removers contain acetone, which is fine to use on your skin and will remove stains.”

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