Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oats: The Multi-Tasking Energy Grain

Oats are more than just a warm breakfast for chilly winter mornings. They also provide you with more energy, help prevent mid-morning cravings.
Oats are one of the best health foods you can eat. These gluten-free grains contain more fiber than rice, provide you with plenty of long-lasting energy, and lower your cholesterol! But to enjoy all these benefits, you need to be eating the right kind of oat. You shouldn't be eating any other oats than the most pure, natural form of oat you can buy, such as Quaker Original Oats, or Bob's Red Mill. Avoid any of the pre-packaged instant oats or varieties that contain added components—such as vanilla or extra toppings—as they contain too many chemicals and artificial flavors. The carbohydrates and fiber found in oats makes them the perfect breakfast, as they help keep you fuller for longer—so you don't crave a sugary snack mid-morning. Add a teaspoon of quality maple syrup or brown sugar to your oats in the morning if you must, but natural fruit toppings such as blueberries, cranberries, and dried dates will provide you with enough sweetness, not to mention added antioxidants. You can also pre-cook your oats and re-heat them in the microwave so you don't need to buy the instant kind! And if you don't like a sweet breakfast, cook your oats in low-sodium vegetable broth and eat them with avocado and a hard boiled egg. You'll get the perfect combination of fiber, carbohydrates, and healthy fat to start your day.

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