Thursday, September 29, 2011

Decoding Hair Products

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Sometimes, a fabulous haircut just isn’t enough for DIY glamour. Hair products that can lift, smooth, and move your hair to perfection are just as important as heat styling tools that can straighten and curl. Unfortunately, it’s hard for Beauties to find their ideal styling products amid such an overwhelming selection. Here's how to make products work for you.
Serums and oils are used to add shine and moisture to wet or dry hair, before or after blow-drying. These can look greasy on thin or fine hair, so use sparingly on those hair types,. Start with a dime-sized amount in your palms and works from the ends up. Reapply small amounts if necessary.
Hair spray is a universal finishing product. It can provide a light hold or a completely rigid effect, depending on the product and the look you're after. To avoid a crunchy effect, don't use this on wet hair. Mist quick bursts of hair spray at an even distance from the head to finish any hairstyle.
Mousse is great for finer hair because it gives volume without much evidence it's there. Comb through wet hair evenly and blow-dry for volume. The amount you apply, however, is a balancing act. You want to apply enough to give hold, but too much product will leave your hair crispy. Start with a dollop the size of a Ping-Pong ball and work your way up.
Although it’s formulated in varying degrees of hold, gel is still one of the strongest stylers out there. Gels work well on short textured styles that need to maintain a single look without much movement. Start with a quarter-sized amount in your palm and work your way up from there, distributing it evenly throughout the front and back of the hair.
Wax and pomade have the ability to hold like gel, but allow for more movement and malleability. Use pomade to define and separate short haircuts, and to finish and texturize longer hairstyles. Wax-based products give an even stronger hold and come in matte and glossy formulas. Take tiny amounts at a time and work the product up from the tips of the hair.
Styling cream comes in varying degrees of hold, can be used wet or dry, and provides lightweight definition compared with a pomade. Example of a product after blow-drying is Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine, but experiment and see which consistency fits your desired finish. Apply a dime-sized amount at first, then apply more product if your hair is long.

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