Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Smell Like Summer

Beauties, are you feeling sad that summer's over? For many, the warmest time of the year is spent mostly on the beach, at a lake, or poolside and is rife with delicious meals, beautiful sunsets, and pretty summer dresses. Something as simple as a smell can conjure those memories. Which is why these are Top 3 products that bring back that summer-lovin’ feeling.

1 Leila Lou by Rosie Jane Perfume Oil

This eco-friendly oil is made from essential oils such as pear, jasmine, and tangerine and smells just like the air on a warm summer’s evening. You'll be mentally transported to a warmer place when you wear it, and the cute little bottle means it's easy to take anywhere!

2 Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil

Body oils are great for colder weather, as your skin needs even more moisturizing. Smooth this decadent blend of perfumed avocado, sesame, olive, and jojoba oils over your shoulders and legs to smell like coconut, sand, and surf, even when it's cold outside.

3 Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

Just because you don't feel like a beach babe doesn’t mean your hair can’t look like it came straight from the seaside. This classic salt spray doesn't just achieve a matte, beachy texture—it also smells like coconut and sunscreen, and contains seaweed and kelp extracts to keep your hair healthy.

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