Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trend Revival

If you’re a huge beauty lover, you might follow seasonal trends. When new collections for spring or fall arrive at the counter. Sometimes the seasonal trends are just uninspiring. We've all experienced this feeling at some point. I’ll have a client who comes in to see our new products with excitement leave disappointed because she just doesn’t like what’s trending. At times, a customer will buy something simply because it’s “in.” I say, stay true to who you are and start your own trend. If you can’t think of anything new (and even designers have a hard time with this one) there’s nothing wrong with bringing back beloved trends from that past. Here are the trends that always love to revive.


Marilyn Monroe embodies what we think of as “old Hollywood glam.” Try soft, sleek curls on your hair, and full red lips. This look from the ‘50s will definitely make you stand out.


Twiggy was known for her extreme lashes during the ‘60s. Modernize this look by wearing top and bottom false lashes, and then applying a generous amount of mascara.


The '70s were all about the glitz and glam of disco. Add some sparkle to the eyes or lips, but don’t turn your entire face into a disco ball. Just a touch of glitter on the eyes will turn your makeup up a notch when you’re going out.

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