Friday, February 24, 2012

Kuwait National Day

On your Trip to Kuwait, you will find that there are celebrations of many Festivals & Events in Kuwait. Of these, the most important one is the celebration of the National Day in Kuwait. Before you know about the various celebrations that take place in the National Day in Kuwait, one look must be given towards the History of Kuwait. From the History of Kuwait you will come to know that in 1897, the sheikh of Kuwait sought the protection of the British, for saving him from the grasps of the Turks. Thus Kuwait became a British protectorate and continued to be like that till 1961. In the year 1961, finally the British decided to give complete freedom to the Kuwaitis. Immediately after the British decision, Iraq wanted to gain control over Kuwait. However, their claim was refuted by both the British and the Arab League. Finally, the Kuwaitis claimed to be completely independent on 25th of February, which from that time came to be known as National Day in Kuwait.
From 1961, every 25th of February marks the celebration of National Day of Kuwait. It is a holiday in Kuwait and therefore most of the families try to take advantage of that and visit each other on that day. Some, however, prefer to stay at home and celebrate the special occasion of National Day at Kuwait with their family members. However, maximum crowds can be seen infiltrating the roads of the city with flags in their hands. Places like the Messila Beach in Kuwait, Al-Sha'ab Leisure Park in Kuwait, Green Island in Kuwait become crowded with people; both kids and elders alike. Public meetings and get-togethers are organized in various places. All the public buildings and the famous spots of sightseeing in Kuwait are decorated with lights. Nowadays, the famous hotel chains present in Kuwait decorate their buildings with light in the colors of Kuwaiti national flag. As the sun sets, the sky is illuminated with varieties of fireworks. Kuwaitis wearing their national dress celebrate by coming out in the road and spraying colored foam to others.

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