Saturday, February 25, 2012

Peaches and Cream For Every Skin Tone

Ready for a creamy complexion straight from the orchard? It's not even spring yet, but the thought of garden blooms and fruit blossoms has us giddy! A hallmark beauty look of the season? Healthy skin as ripe as a Georgia peach! But not all golden hues are created equal, and some look more natural on different skin tones than others. See which peaches-and-cream color suits you best.

On Fair Skin With a Warm Undertone

To enhance your pale skin, try a sheer apricot shade as an overall highlighter. The strong golden tones in a peachy yellow tint go well with your coloring.

On Fair Skin With a Cool Undertone

Peachy-pink colors are most flattering on neutral or cool skin because they balance the warmth of peach in a neutral pink base. Stick with a whipped texture on the cheeks for a natural, flushed-from-within effect.

On Medium Skin With a Warm Undertone

Honey complexions glow with amber hues. The mix of yellow, beige, and orange gives a subtle and innocent dimension to medium-warm skin tones.

On Medium Skin With a Cool Undertone

Like their paler counterparts, deeper beige complexions need a balance of pink to achieve a subtle spring flush. Try a sheer tawny rose shade on the apples of the cheeks.

On Deep Skin With a Warm Undertone

Because of their strong warm base, deeper, golden skin tones can pull off sheer neon brights! We prefer a cream-based formula for a warm-weathered luminous sheen.

On Deep Skin With a Cool Undertone

Darker, cooler skin radiates with tangerine tints! The trick to keep it looking like a natural flush? Find an orange powder with a strong neutral base.

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