Friday, February 24, 2012

Nutella Inspired

Nutella is beloved around the world, including Taipei as you can see on this billboard:
Nutella 14
Just look at this little Asian schoolgirl drawing her favorite treat on a blackboard:
Nutella 13
Jigsaw puzzle fans go to pieces over Nutella:
Nutella 11
Clothes designers are “sew” inspired:Nutella 12
And artists draw on Nutella for inspiration:
Nutella 2
It’s even framed on the walls of museums next to traditional classical art:
Nutella 10
But pop into a modern art gallery and you’ll find Nutella there too:
Nutella 15
It’s beloved by many celebrities including Victoria Beckham:
Nutella 8
Paris Hilton also recently showed her affection for the confection:
Nutella 4
And believe it or not, Vladimir Putin loves it so much, he put a photo of it on display in the Kremlin:
Nutella 6
This one’s hot off the press: It’s the new symbol on the $100 bill:
Nutella 7
Well why not? You don’t even have to be human to love Nutella. These felines are mesmerized by it too.
Nutella 3
Enjoy World Nutella Day. I can’t wait to see what everybody else has cooked up!

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