Wednesday, October 17, 2012

5 Ways to Use Loose Pigments!

Makeup pigments are the hardest working products in your kit! With a little creativity, a clean surface, and a little patience, you can work these loose shadows to achieve virtually any effect desired. Here, we highlight five techniques to make the most out of that tub of powder!


Create a nuanced, metallic finish on the lids by mixing any pigment with a little mixing medium or water. The paste-like consistency brings the pigment to a whole other textural level.


Mix any pigment with clear polish to create a custom nail lacquer. Control the intensity of the color by playing with the ratio of polish to pigment.


Pigments aren’t just for blending. With mixing medium, a detailed liner brush, and a sealer to stop your graphic shape from transferring on your lids, a vibrant cat eye is just a flick away.


With the same idea in mind as nail polish, whip up a lip color using pigments plus clear gloss. On a flat surface, mix a bit of pigment into clear gloss, gradually adding more to increase saturation.


Some of the more sun-kissed and flesh-toned pigments are gorgeous to use as highlighters above your cheekbones and dusted on the bridge of your nose. Buff away!

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