Monday, March 25, 2013

فندق الريجنسي يكشف عن مجموعة من الإبتكارات الجديدة

The Regency Kuwait announced a programme of exciting new facilities and services that are being rolled out from today that will further enhance guests’ experience at The Regency.
At a press conference held at the hotel’s elegant Executive Lounge, General Manager Mr. Aurelio Giraudo, spoke of the landmark hotel’s history of staying ‘ahead of the curve’ to provide the increasingly savvy global traveller with exceptional standards of services, and including more ‘added- value’ luxuries that many other hotel brands consider ‘added extras’.

“We are immensely proud to be the leading, Kuwaiti-owned, five star hotel in Kuwait. The Regency represents the very best of Arabian hospitality and international standards of excellence. More importantly, being an independent family-owned hotel allows us to innovate faster than other chain hotels” he affirmed.
He continued “This hotel opened in 1981, which shows that this brand has stood the test of time. Our job now is to take it to the next level, to take The Regency into the future; to do that we have to innovate and improve constantly”.
Mr. Russell Loughland, Director of Sales and Marketing, spoke to the press describing a plethora of services including “The Executive Experience at The Regency”, a value-added programme for corporate travellers. He also spoke about the Ladies’ Lounge new membership scheme as well as countless improvements, such as the introduction of Wi-Fi in limousines.
Mr. Loughland also revealed for the first time in public the hotel’s two new culinary outlets, both slated for opening within the next few months. The Regency Gourmet is a delightful confectionary shop presenting the hotel’s famous homemade sweets, chocolates, cakes and a range of exclusive gourmet delicacies amidst a stunning Hollywood-inspired interior.
Balsamico, will be a flagship Italian restaurant, due to open after Ramadan. It is named after the much- prized Italian vinegar. Loughland projected that Balsamico will set a new standard in Kuwait for authentic Italian cuisine. It will be bringing together not just The Regency’s impeccable style and service but also exceptional gastronomic innovation.
Loughland stated that The Regency’s mission is to remain on the cutting edge of global luxury hospitality and to set the benchmark for international standards of five-star luxury in the Northern Gulf.
The Regency - Abdul Razzaq bathroom
The Regency - Al Danah Suite living room
The Regency - Al Liwan lobby
The Regency - Al Liwan
The Regency - Business meeting room
The Regency - Ebtisam Ballroom
The Regency - Executive Experience Image 1
The Regency - Executive Experience Image 2
The Regency - Executive Lounge
The Regency - Executive Lounge
The Regency - Executive Lounge
The Regency - Executive Lounge meeting room
The Regency - Executive Lounge meeting spaces
The Regency - Executive Lounge
The Regency - Junior suite
The Regency - Kubbar suite bathroom
The Regency - Silk Road
The Regency - Syndicate rooms
The Regency - The Ladies' Lounge pool
The Regency - The Ladies' Lounge

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