Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ageless Celebrities

Radiant complexions, shiny locks, and amazing bodies. . . these stars aren't just aging gracefully, they’re defying Father Time! Has Hollywood discovered the Fountain of Youth? We're guessing these ladies are extremely dedicated when it comes to their grooming routines—not to mention they have access to the world's best facialists and hair experts. Check out some of the most iconic ageless celebrities.


The reigning queen of eternal youth, Halle, 45, has maintained her luminous skin and a gorgeous minimal makeup style for more than two decades. Bonus? The Oscar winner's post-baby body is hotter than ever!


Not a wrinkle in sight! Demi, 48, has a flawless complexion that still turns heads on the red carpet. Her shiny, long locks are the perfect finishing touch to her forever-young vibe.


Naomi, 41, may be a chameleon on the catwalk, but her natural beauty has always been perfect. A supermodel for more than 20 years, she still doesn't look a day over 16.


She's still got the glow at 42! Other than switching to her now signature golden locks, Jennifer's sexy California-girl look has remained untouched for more than a decade.


Her hair may have less volume (well, she modeled in the '80s!), but Cindy, 45, is a mirror image of her younger self—complete with her signature mole still intact.


Once a blonde bombshell, always one! Michelle's piercing blue eyes and luscious locks are as striking as ever at age 53. Her skin somehow gets more radiant with time.


After years in Hollywood, Lucy looks just as good—if not better!—as when she first hit it big. This 42-year-old actress’s enviable complexion and fabulous mane prove that age really is nothing but a number.

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