Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Winterize Your Beauty Routine

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The drier, harsher conditions in winter demand some changes to your beauty routine. In addition to increasing hydration via water and oils (through products and the foods you eat), altering your skin care routine is essential. Here are tips on how to look after your skin, hair, and nails during the colder months.

1 Nails

Hands are often exposed to the elements when you’re outside, and your nails can take a beating. "Always moisturize your hands with hand cream or cuticle oil after you wash them," says celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann, whose own Rich Girl Hand and Cuticle Treatment contains SPF 25, shea butter, and avocado to protect your delicate skin. "This is important at any time of the year, but especially during the harsh colder seasons." Keep some in your handbag so it’s readily available.

2 Skin

During the winter months it's important to use a thicker moisturizer on your face and the rest of your body. Your skin is your biggest organ, so you need to look after it. "It is important to keep your skin quenched in the cold-weather months," says makeup artist and founder of her own line, Sonia Kashuk. "Be sure to apply an intensely hydrating cream all over, both morning and night. My personal favorite for the face is StriVectin Instant Moisture Repair. It's also nice to add some extra luminosity to your skin in winter, as it isn't getting that much sun. A great way to achieve this is with Sonia Kashuk Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15."

3 Hair

Your hair may be protected under your winter hat, but it still needs extra conditioning. "Keeping locks healthy and strong is all about adding extra moisture," says Oribe, cofounder and creative director of the cult brand Oribe Hair Care. "Use a deep-conditioning mask once or twice a week, or even daily as a quick rinse. It will help fortify strands before they break and repair hair that is already brittle. The dry air also causes an increase in static electricity, so to avoid it, limit how often you blow-dry your hair."

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