Sunday, November 20, 2011

Coordinate Your Lipstick with Your Winter Coat

A bold-colored jacket is a fun and easy way to brighten up your winter wardrobe. But how do you know which lipstick will complement, and not clash with, the fresh outerwear? Celebrity makeup artist Jeffrey Paul on how to select the best pout palettes for your statement coat.

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"A nude, sheer, or beige lipstick will pair perfectly, but avoid pinker tones!" says Jeffrey. "Rich reds from deep fuchsia to red violet will also look sharp, stunning, and vibrant, but a red with yellow warm tones can complement and look polished and pretty."


Go all-out bold! Don’t worry about being too matchy and "select a red shade that is similar to the coat’s color," says Jeffrey. "Because red is such a hot shade, you want to avoid pastels and yellow-based lipsticks, which are not warm enough hues."

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The traditional houndstooth pattern is black and white, two colors that go with a variety of shades. "Those with paler complexions should avoid looking washed out and opt for a rosy red," says Jeffrey. Look for one that enhances your blush tint. "Girls with darker skin tones can play with fuchsias and brownish reds."

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"Because there are so many blue-based lipstick shades, there are a ton of great shades that work with a navy coat," says Jeffrey. Pinks, reds, and violets can all pair beautifully. Try a cool pink, which can look unexpected and vibrant."

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