Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Look Younger, Instantly!

Anti-aging techniques don't stop at serums and creams. Simple and easy tweaks to your routine can effectively take years off your look. Check out a few of favorite one-step ways to create a youthful effect in seconds.
1. Wear a ponytail.
Pulling your hair back into a ponytail acts as a temporary face-lift, smoothing out fine lines in the face. Plus, a ponytail evokes youthful memories of sports and school days. For a more cheerful, peppy effect, secure the 'do high on the crown.
2. Create dewy skin.
Heavy powder foundation can make your complexion look drab. Reclaim your natural glow by switching to a tinted moisturizer. It will even out your skin tone and boost surface radiance.
3. Use under-eye concealer.
The area surrounding your eyes is usually the first to show signs of aging—and we’re not just talking about crow's-feet! Because the skin underneath your eyes is thinner, dark veins peep through easier. Brighten up your eyes by dabbing a creamy concealer onto the dark areas before applying a tinted moisturizer all over.   
4. Get bangs.
Not only will bangs hide forehead wrinkles but side-swept fringe can soften the angles of your face too.
5. Lay off the lipstick.
Think about it: When you were a little girl you would put on makeup—especially lipstick—to appear older and more adult. For the reverse effect: lighten your layers! Colored lip balm gives you a hint of tint without calling too much attention to the fact you have makeup on.

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