Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's Your Winter Scent?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Are you already gearing up for the holidays? Lighting a few seasonal candles is an excellent way to get into the winter spirit and give your home a warm, welcoming glow. But with the wide variety of festive fragrances, how do you know what aromas to try? Here's the different scent categories—and how each type applies to fresh winter smells.
1. Citrus
Citrus is bubbly, clean, and fresh. Its light vibrancy really perks up a room. Opt for a blend that features hints of peppermint, lemon, or champagne.
2. Orientals
Oriental fragrances are more intense and sensual than the other perfume categories. These scents are usually a mix of sweet, rich, and spicy ingredients. Look for candles that feature plum, cinnamon, orange, and clove notes.
3. Chypre
Chypre is a very musky, earthy scent. The base note is traditionally oak moss. Look for smoky scent that remind you of being curled up in front of a toasty fireplace.
4. Gourmand
Gourmand is any scent that reminds you of sweet, rich foods. Think vanilla, cookies, and caramel. This time of year the more seasonal scents could be variations on gingerbread, gum drops, or hot chocolate.
5. Fougére
Fougére is a really woody, nature-based aroma that’s perfect for re-creating that unforgettable Christmas-tree scent. Choose a candle with a hint of citrus for a bit more zing.
6. Florals
Romantic and feminine, florals can reflect a full-bodied bouquet or one specific flower. Although the poinsettia is a traditional flower during the holidays, it doesn’t really have a scent. Instead, try a candle that features your favorite flower with a twist of other seasonal plants, like pines.

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