Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

image courtesy of Elizabeth Goh
Invited to a party on All Hallow’s Eve but dont have the proper outfit? Not a problem! With a few tips and tricks around the eyes, your face can be the focal point for all sorts of creative costumes. Get inspired by these eleventh-hour makeup ideas and have yourself a spook-tacular evening!


A lace overlay is perfect for ethereal, fairytale-inspired characters. Place a lace fabric swatch over the area you wish to cover (we recommend the upper portion of the face). Hold the fabric down with your fingers or medical tape while you apply cream or powder shadow over the fabric. Once you have enough product, slowly lift away the fabric. You’ll reveal a gorgeous pattern that looks as if it took hours to create! Protect your design from sweat and smudges with a powerful eye makeup sealer.


From fabrics to your face, plumage is en vogue this season. Give your eyes flight by adhering feathers around the outer corners and upper cheekbones. Color coordinate your eye shadow to the feathers and create a bottom-heavy eye liner effect that mimics a bird’s natural eye shape. With some feather extensions and earrings, you’ll be all-avian in no time!


Spiderwebs complement any sinister, witchy look. These silky strokes require precise technique, but the effect is glamorously ghoulish when paired with bold false lashes and slicked-back hair. Apply your webs using a liquid, gel, or cake liner with a thinner consistency and a finely tipped brush.


With pale foundation, black eye liner, and red pigment, it’s easy to vamp up your face while wearing a sleek black outfit. Design a graphic trickle of blood around the eyes with either lipstick or red cream eye liner, and cover the shape with rhinestones and glitter to add texture to an otherwise matte face.

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