Wednesday, August 31, 2011

5 Clever Non-Beauty Uses For Your Products

Did you think that makeup was just for your face? Keep reading to see five new uses for your beauty products—even for daily tasks!

Beauty products 5 New Uses

  1. Seal the deal. Paper cuts made your tongue sore? Apply a clear nail polish to glue your envelopes shut.
  2. Store your change. Need a place to put those excess pennies? Use an empty loose powder container to gather all the loose change that's hiding around your house.
  3. Pin as paperclip. Have you run out of paperclips and staples? Organize your files with a bobby pin!
  4. Carry your capsules . Need to tote around your pills or vitamins? Use an empty eye shadow or powder compact to store supplements in your purse!
  5. Color-code your keys. Do your keys all look the same? Use different colored nail polish to distinguish and identify—you'll never fumble with the lock again!

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