Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School Basics

Tuesday Ten
It’s time for teachers, time for books and time to start the school year off on a fashionable foot!

While it’s sad to leave those lazy summer days behind in your rearview, there’s something exciting about the end of summer… The leaves begin to brown, the air becomes crisp, and the sounds of school bells serenade the late-summer air: It’s back to school season!

On today’s lesson plan, I’ll be reviewing the 10 back to school basics you need to refresh your closet for the new school year.

If your school days are over like mine, these basics are still great pieces to have in your closet (just swap out the book bag for a nice tote).

Here we go…
  1. Jacket. Be sure to get a jacket that is versatile and easy to layer over other pieces. Think simple and solid. I recommend a investing in a neutral colored jacket, such as a steel gray or black, so you can wear it with a wide variety of colors and prints. If you’re in a more temperate climate, blazers are great for school!
  2. Jeans. It’s always a good idea to start the year off with a fresh pair of jeans. I used to get a pair of light and a pair of dark jeans to last me through the school year. White jeans are also a good idea. If jeans aren’t your thing, opt for leggings instead.
  3. Shorts. Don’t fall into a rut and wear jeans every day. Mix it up by sporting some shorts. Wear them in the fall with tights and when the weather warms up let your gams go bare.
  4. Cardigan. They may be basic, but cardigans are as versatile as they are chic. A beautiful cardigan can be worn year-round—layer it under a coat or wear it over anything (colors and fabric permitting, of course)!
  5. Book Bag. I think it’s nice to start the year off with a new book bag (or backpack). The bag is sleek, stylish and very cute.
  6. Simple Tee. A lightweight tee is the perfect base any ensemble. Since they wear out over time, try to replenish your stock of simple shirts each fall, the color is fresh and the print is understated yet fun.
  7. Tank. Pick up a few simple tanks in solid colors as well as stripes or floral prints, and it looks gorgeous paired with the Cardigan.
  8. Neutral Scarf. Classrooms get chilly. Be prepared with a scarf so you can throw it over yourself when temperatures dip.
  9. Simple Flats. In my opinion, wearing heels to school is a little tacky. After all, we’re talk about school ladies, not clubbing. Get a pair (or two) of smart flats. Laceless oxfords are very popular this season and are perfectly appropriate for school. Otherwise, go with a pair of ever-chic ballerina flats.
  10. Lacey Mini. If you had to pick one trendy item this season, I suggest getting a texturized mini skirt. Whether it’s lace or eyelet—a fun mini is a great way to balance out the harsh lines and stark colors of fall fashions.

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