Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Save or Splurge: Moisturizer

Beauties, do you ever wonder if you should spend some extra money and splurge on an expensive lipstick or moisturizer for its imagined superpower and then wonder if it actually works? I've often had the same quandary with myself. I'm dying to buy an expensive bottle of perfume or jar of cream not only because it would look beautiful sitting on my dresser but also because of the magical smoothing, firming, luscious smelling powers I imagine it to contain. It was around the time that my current jar of an expensive cream ran out that I decided to try out an inexpensive brand and see if it had the same effects. For my road test the bargain option was Inexpensive cream. The first thing I noticed was that the the expensive has a very very thick, almost oil-based consistency which really feels like it's penetrating the skin and also has a delicious flowery smell that makes me feel like I'm in a spa. In comparison the inexpensive was a little less heavy but still absorbed beautifully into the skin and didn't leave any greasiness or that gross wet feeling, which I hate.
After three days of product testing, I came to the conclusion that both creams do a fantastic job of maintaining the elasticity and texture of my skin, and that the idea of a "miracle" cream was in my head. The expensive cream is super luxurious and beautiful to use and if you have the opportunity, I would definitely save up and splurge on a jar to use under your eyes and on sensitive areas of your skin to make you feel extra special. If that's not an option, the inexpensive cream will also work wonders to keep you looking beautiful while saving you some serious cash.

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