Sunday, August 28, 2011

Look Gorgeous After A Late Night

Picture this, It's 3 AM, and you just came home from a late-night party. You know you should wash your face before collapsing into bed, but suddenly it's morning and you're waking up with black smudges all over your pillow—you slept in your makeup! A glimpse in the mirror reveals puffy, dehydrated skin and bloodshot eyes. What's a Beauty to do? Here's how to de-stress your poor skin after a late night out.

HOW TO Look Gorgeous After a Late Night

  1. Remove it. First thing's first: Get the makeup off! Use cleansing oil, pads, or liquids to purify your eyes and skin. Then erase leftover impurities with a mild, nonabrasive face wash.
  2. Calm Yourself. Treat your parched skin to a hydrating and calming cloth face mask to detoxify and replenish moisture.
  3. Cool Down. If your skin is inflamed from the previous night's antics, you may notice small red lines (called capillaries) on your red complexion. Reduce inflammation with a light moisturizer designed for sensitive skin. And don't forget the eye drops to reduce eye redness!
  4. Cover up. Dark circles, blemishes that sprouted overnight, and ruddy skin are all telltale signs of a late night out on the town. Pair a full coverage concealer with a light-diffusing highlighter for flawless skin.
  5. Easy does it. Give your skin a break with simple makeup. Skip the thick foundation, eye liner, and lipstick, and just curl your lashes and apply a light coat of mascara for definition. Swipe on a glossy tinted lip balm to add texture and moisture. Slick your hair back into a donut bun for chic, effortless style.
Tip: Keep makeup-remover wipes on your nightstand. If you're beyond exhausted, you can still remove your makeup without much effort. 
 Tip: Coconut water replenishes dehydrated skin with extra electrolytes. Drink a large glass post-partying to rejuvenate your system.

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