Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to wear maxi dress

How to wear a maxi dress
I’ve never met a maxi dress I didn’t like. If you haven’t been converted yet, here are reasons to wear these trendy, comfy pieces.
Maxi dresses are:
• great for women of all ages.
• flattering on women of all heights. Yes, even petites! With one, uninterrupted column of fabric they create a wonderfully long length.
• so breezy on a hot day, like your own personal fan.
• a wonderful way to wear the season’s bold colors and/or floral prints.
• bohemian fashion at its best (but can also be elegant for evening, depending on the fabric).
Shoes: I love summer’s It shoes, like strappy sandals or wedges or flats, paired with this look — as long as the maxi dress hemline is tailored above the ground. Don’t make the mistake of dragging the dress around and making it look downright sloppy: There’s nothing hippie chic about that. Keep the footwear casual and cute and you can’t go wrong. (Cowboy boots look fab, too!)
Jewelry: Layered necklaces really complete the look, as does stacking on friendship bracelets or bangles.
Bag:A hobo or other slouchy bag and a tote are my favorite options. Don’t go for one with a really small body or anything structured or handheld, as it’ll get lost in the shuffle.

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