Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some facts about shopping

#1. Women that shop for clothing feel better that those who buy kitchenware and domestic goods. #2. Women who do shopping for over 17 hours a week and spend over $200 are slimmer and healthier than those who spend less time in stores and spend less money.
#3. Women-shopaholics have fewer wrinkles and feel much younger than those who dislike shopping.
#4. Majority of women who love shopping are more confident and less often suffer from depression.
#5. Women that do shopping a few times a week are usually in a better mood than ladies who use only weekends for buying things.
#6. During a lifetime a woman spends 25 184 hours 53 minutes for shopping.
#7. Women spend more money for clothing for vacation that for vacation itself.
#8. Jeans, t-shirts and women’s tops are the best-selling items.

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