Thursday, August 25, 2011

Caffarel chocolate

From Caffarel, Italy's Most Refined Chocolatier. This is the Best Pack to Keep on Hand for the Holidays for family and friends, and is the ultimate in Chocolates. New Bulk Packaging for 2010 provides 1.11 lb. bags. We'll call them 1 lb. Bags. So, you get three (3) one pound stay fresh bags, each piece individually wrapped for freshness. With its rich taste and unmistakable boat-like shape, Gianduiotto is Caffarel's most famous and renowned product. A true creation of the confectioner's art, Gianduiotto is unique, its combination of cacao, sugar and ‘Piedmont PGI' hazelnuts guaranteeing a sweet and velvety taste. It is the hazelnuts that are the real secret behind an inimitable chocolate whose qualities are appreciated. Gianduiotti Classici: Gianduja Milk & Hazelnut Chocolates.

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