Friday, June 22, 2012

'In Love Again' Perfume

There is the early thrill, like a serious shake-up of the senses, produced by blackcurrant and mandarin. Then come the sparkle and tang created by the green, fruity and almost bittersweet notes of Muscat grape. The heart is floral, a delicate harmony of rose and peony. To protect the initial thrill, the subtly fruity and musky base of blackberry comforts the sweetness of this sensation by infinitely perpetuating the joy of living and laughter.

'In Love Again' is a women's fragrance that embodies Love and it's colour and take on life. Presented in a cream bottle with gold font, the scent itself has a strong hint of of warm flowers mixed in with a homely feel. With a very sweet taste, the perfume really does give off that sense of love and all it brings to those who feel it.

          P.S i only loved 'In Love Again and it's sold out in Bahrain, i had to get it from the states.

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