Monday, June 11, 2012

Paint, Pour, Polish

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but leave it up to artist Holton Rower, and you’ll find it flowing along the floor. We have been mesmerized by Rower’s multi-tonal, sinuous creations, which he achieves by pouring paint onto flat surfaces in multiple layers. And when the artist paired up with an iconic beauty brand, it was a recipe for magic! Rower was recently in New York to collaborate on a special artwork with Dior to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brands nail polish, Le Vernis. With the inclusion of five Dior nail polishes, Rower hand-poured the installation below, live, using the actual lacquers to form an abstract psychedelic pattern. Somewhat reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s splattered, organic style, we are in awe of the color, technique, and beauty of Rower's work. Whether you create your art with a makeup brush and shadow palette, or pour your polishes on the floor, beauty is around us in every direction.

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