Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vintage Beauty Tips That Still Work!

Behind every screen siren’s flawless finish existed a bevy of beauty secrets the public was dying to know. Not everyone could afford the lavish treatments these Hollywood divas indulged in, so they found their own alternatives.


Steel rollers could often be cumbersome and uncomfortable to sleep in, so inventive ladies found a cheaper and more comfortable solution by using leftover fabric. Take damp hair with a light coat of leave-in conditioner and roll over small 2”x 5” strips of rags close to the root of your hair. Tie the ends and leave overnight. In the morning, you’ll unravel gorgeous waves without heatstyling or heavy duty rollers!

Pick-Me-Up Petroleum Jelly

Better known as Vaseline, this wonder ingredient was a multipurpose face saver for retro ladies in their heyday. If you’ve stayed out all night, dab a bit of petroleum jelly underneath puffy eyes and you’ll wake up to refreshed peepers.

Grease Lightening!

When mothers went a day between hair washes, they’d grab their diaper bag for beauty supply. Baby powder, after all, was the original dry shampoo! Formulated with starch, talc and fragrance, the inexpensive talcum powder still refreshes oily scalps and baby butts to this day.

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