Thursday, July 26, 2012

Banana beats sports drinks on raising the physical activity

Advised new U.S. study conducted by researchers from the State University Appalachian, players and athletes and practitioners of different games eating a banana during physical activity, confirming that the most appropriate to raise the physical activity and endurance and to continue to games and sports activities such as football games, riding bikes with the same efficiency and power throughout the time of the game.
The results came in a recent study published on the website of the journal Public Library of Science 'PLoS ONE', a non-profit scientific organizations, in the twenty-ninth of the month of May.

The study pointed out that the banana beats the sports drinks other, since it contains a mixture of sugars and health, which are not available in sports drinks that commonly are addressed during the games and be distilled with sugar and carbohydrates different, as it contains large amounts of fiber, potassium and vitamin B 6 'B6 ', which increases the efficiency and capacity of endurance athletes during physical activity.

The researchers found these results when they compared two groups of cyclists trained, the first group got a glass of sports drink, which contains high levels of carbohydrates during exercise sports activity, while the second group got half a banana only, at a rate every 15 minutes, during one of the hard races, which increases the length of the course about 75 km, and takes two hours and a half to 3 hours, and the researchers to withdraw blood samples from them before and after physical activity, and they detect the concentrations of 100 items of food and metabolites different.The results revealed that the banana beats the sports drinks, and it is best suited for athletes during practice games and competitions and physical activities, thanks to the fiber and contain large amounts of food and anti-oxidant, which lacks sports drinks.

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