Thursday, July 5, 2012

Photos: Louboutin’s Cinderella-Inspired Shoes Unveiled

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Disney France has shared several photos of the new Cinderella-inspired shoes which resulted as a collaboration between designer Christian Louboutin and Disney.
According to Louboutin, he was inspired by the written version of the story by Charles Perrault as well as the images from Walt Disney’s film. ‘Cinderella is an icon of beauty, grace and magical love, but it also embodies the universe of the shoe,’ according to Louboutin (via Bing translate).
The shoes feature a delicate lace, embroidered with crystals and a pair of butterflies that are said to be the ‘parents’ of the shoes that were born from their sparkling wings.
Twenty pairs of the shoes will be produced and given away upon release of the Cinderella blu-ray, which occurs September 26 in France.
Below is a small gallery of images from Disney France whose original gallery also includes concept art and stills from Cinderella. Also worth noting is that one photo features additional forms labeled Snow White and Aurora, perhaps hinting at future releases from Louboutin and Disney.

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