Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sleep Inhibits The Genes Responsible For Obesity

The modern scientific study found that sleep well at night may quench some of the genes responsible for weight gain.The researchers from the University Medical Center Sleep Washington that these genes affect the way in which we store energy as well as the way in which we organize the process of metabolism.They pointed out that sleeping more than nine hours during the night may discourage those genes that lead to weight gain.

The study conducted on 1088 twins, and published the journal Sleep, sleep to be less than seven hours during the night associated with an increase in body mass index.

It explained that the participants who slept less than seven hours, the genetic effects are responsible for 70 per cent of the differences in body mass index, compared with 32 per cent more than those who slept nine hours.

The Web site reported, 'Health. Com' about Dr. Nathaniel Watson, who led the research study as saying: 'provide sleeping for short periods of more permissive environment for the expression of genes associated with obesity. Or it may be sleeping for longer useful for their suppression of expression of obesity genes'.The researchers succeeded in identifying more than 20 genes responsible for obesity and its impact on the appetite, and rates of blood sugar (glucose), and metabolism, but the latest study did not specify a particular gene that was the focus of the study.

Watson said: Based on previous research, perhaps linked to the Boad of glucose, and metabolism in general. 'The study did not answer directly about the possibility of using sleep as a means to maintain the strength of graceful figure, but it confirms, according to the researcher, the importance of adequate sleep to health as a whole.And has been to other research showed a relationship between sleep less than six hours per day and obesity.

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